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The Ultimate Memecoin for the Crypto Industry

LAMBOW is the ultimate meta for base because it's a totally new concept, a base-native original meme/IP that is already expanding to encompass onchain summer and has the team with art and marketing skills to extend the ideas, and leverage audience involvement, to tap into the enthusiasm around meme coins as a global grassroots financial and cultural phenomenon. We are ready to scale with the growth of $LAMBOW as a brand.

$LAMBOW is a very nice lamb - and $LAMBOW is for everyone. $LAMBOW is literally a lamb with a bow that plays into the 'lambo' culture in crypto. And what better meme for Base than a mascot related to WEN LAMBOW.

We are here to help the Lambow community grow and we invite anyone who is ready to get in on the ground floor of something with untethered potential to grow, and in doing so take control of their own financial destinies.

We have a team of designers and animators that are producing new Lambow artwork every day. We are focussed on building Lambow through getting the meme artwork in front of as many people as possible.

Backed by a serious team of experienced marketers and business professionals

The team behind Lambow have built multiple 8-figure companies in the real world, and have done the digital marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world.

@1CrypticPoet is an investor and long-term strategic partner. He is a Coinbase ambassador and is well-connected in the Base community - we are working closely with him to grow $LAMBOW into a blue chip Base meme through Onchain Summer and the Base ecosystem.

@MikeThaInvestor is an investor and long-term strategic partner. He is a crypto YouTuber and has a strong following on both YouTube and X - we are working closely with him to get the word out about $LAMBOW to the community at large.

@sonder_crypto is an investor and long-term strategic partner - he is the main driver behind Zoomer on Solana and is well-respected in the crypto community. His involvement will help bring new growth to the coin as his audience learns more about Base.

One of our co-founders @sensible has been doxxed. @sensible hosts the Gotbit X spaces on memecoins that receives 300-400k listeners every week and is getting the word out about Lambow through the show he runs and the connections he has built through having interviewed some of the biggest meme coins on his show.

We're here to make Lambow a blue-chip memecoin

We are monsters of execution and have significant stakeholder management expertise - we move fast, we execute well and we keep our community updated with what we are doing every day. We believe in the strength of our community and have a team of mods working around the clock to keep everyone engaged.

Our Northstar is to become the official mascot of Base - our current narrative is “the unofficial mascot of Base” - as we see Lambow as the ultimate Meta for the Base ecosystem.

We have the ideal meme, the team to make it happen, and we are at a point in time where extraordinary things can happen. We have big dreams for Lambow, and the audacity to make it happen.

Join us for the ride of your life...

Lambow Marketing


This is a list of the current marketing initiatives.
Please check back regularly for updates.


  • Daily artwork drops
  • 24/7 Telegram community engagement
  • Daily incentivized raids
  • Onchain Summer contest
  • Working with Callers
  • AMAs and X spaces
  • X engagement strategy
  • Instagram creative strategy
  • TikTok creative strategy
  • Warpcast creative strategy
  • TikTok Ads
  • Meta Ads

Collabs + Partnerships

  • @1CrypticPoet strategic partnership
  • @MikeThaInvestor strategic partnership
  • @sonder_crypto strategic partnership
  • @Degen_Hardy strategic partnership
  • @dippy_eth strategic partnership
  • @CryptoFellaTx strategic partnership
  • @GoatWifHat collab
  • @Memestagram collab


  • CoinGecko listing
  • Moontok listing
  • Flooz listing
  • Coinscope listing


  • X Spaces strategy
  • Lambow merch store
  • Lambow NFTs
  • Onboard more KOLs
  • Artwork collabs
  • Telegram Ads (pending approval)
  • More community challenges and contests (merch challenges, caption this, meme challenges, IRL contests etc)

We appreciate support from our community.
Please click here to share your ideas.